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Telephone call from [removed] saying they are virgin media

Tuning in

Hi vm and all,

I had a call this morning from [removed] saying they were from VM and wanted to check my service status, what lights were on and what devices I have connected.
I started to tell them my router has a white light then I realised it might not be VM.

Can anyone tell me if this was a valid call or if I should be reporting it. i called it back but i can't catch the company name


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Problem sorter

Who called me lists the number as Negative:
Seems the number is claiming to be Virginmedia, BT, Life Insurance or ‘Your internet service provider’. 
99.99% Scam imo.

My Broadband Ping - Virginmedia

Thanks so much! I thought so I think VM should follow this up! They must have a list of VM customers. 

No doubt Virginmedia will mention registering with the telephone preference service which doesn’t prevent these scammers who are usually outside the UK from phoning.

My Broadband Ping - Virginmedia

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Lightfoot72, thanks for  posting and welcome back to our community.

Thanks for being cautious about an unexpected call.  I would love to take a further look to offer you some clarification. I am going to send you a private message.  Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of your screen.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Lightfoot72 wrote:

Thanks so much! I thought so I think VM should follow this up! They must have a list of VM customers. 

No, not as such. OFCOM has freely available lists of the telephone numbers allocated to each telephone provider on every exchange in the country. Scammers simply use these lists to bulk dial these numbers in large blocks, & when they find a number that is “live” (ie. You pick up the phone) they assume you are a customer of that provider. The only time they get it wrong is if the number has been ported (you have taken it with you) to different provider.

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Thanks very much, that’s useful. I don’t think I gave them any useful information 

Hi Lightfoot72

Thanks for posting - thanks for being vigilant with this - the call wouldn't be for us as we'd never call and ask a customer router related questions. 

See more here -

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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