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Scam text (smishing) update 13/07/21


Here are the latest scam text messages we're aware of from reports in the last week.

  • HSBC: You have successfully scheduled a payment of £54.99 to a new PAYEE for 13:49 29/05. If this was NOT you visit: LINK
  • HERMES: We have attempted to deliver a parcel on the 01/06. To reschedule please vist: LINK
  • Royal Mail: Your package has a £2 shipping fee, to pay this now visit: LINK. Package will be returned to sender if unpaid.
  • NatWest: A payment was attempted from a NEW DEVICE on 18/05. If this was NOT you, please visit: LINK
  • CENSUS: There is missing information from your Census application. Failure to update your details will result in a £1000 penalty  LINK
  • FluBot: Customers receive a text message purporting be their network provider, containing a link to listen to a new voicemail.   

Please see our advice on what to do with scam texts (smishing) or visit for further support.


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