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Scam phone calls

Just joined

I received a phone call today claiming to be from Virgin.He took a few seconds to say who he was from. It didn't feel right so I put the phone down but how do I know if it was Virgin?


Problem sorter

Did they ask for any sensitive information like full account number, full phone password, banking details etc?
I would check the number here: If a scam then it’ll be listed. 

My Broadband Ping - Virginmedia

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi lyn64,

Thanks for your post and a big welcome to the community. It's great having you on board with us in the Forums. 

Apologies to hear you're receiving these sorts of calls. Personally I don't like confirming any calls that may be valid VM ones as more and more fraudsters are able to copy the language we use and can now even spoof the number they are calling from. I think the best way to be is to stay vigilant and if you're ever unsure then hang up and call us direct. 

If you are sure any of the calls are scams or fraud then make sure you are reporting the calls to Action Fraud UK here so they can get as much information as possible to close the scammer down.

It's also worth registering for the Telephone Preference Service here. It is the UK’s only official ‘Do Not Call’ register for landlines and Mobile numbers and is free. That should help reduce the number of calls you receive. If you would rather not receive any marketing calls from us then you can update your preferences within My VM here

Finally we have a handy page with loads more help and advice too. You can view that here

If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know. 


Forum Team

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