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Scam phone call

Received a call today from removed claiming to be a Technical call from Virgin. The strange thing is that a few hours before this scam call I was talking to Virgin about a router problem so it was almost convincing! The caller wanted me to enter some text (fast…) into my browser and then when I questioned the authenticity of the call he became very insistent. He had an Indian accent.

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Re: Scam phone call

You were called by scammers in India. The fact you were talking to Virgin earlier is just coincidence. These scammers use readily available data on the internet that lists the number allocations of all the telephone numbers on each exchange. They then use auto diallers to call batches of numbers belonging to one provider, & then say they are from that provider.

The number that come up on caller display is fake. These can be unused numbers, but are commonly cloned from genuine customers & businesses, as this one is. As such this could be someone’s personal information & I will ask a moderator to remove it. The numbers they use change constantly.

The best thing to do is hang up straight away. Engaging with them just triggers further calls as your number is then circulated to other scam outfits.

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Re: Scam phone call

This quite a common scam where remote access software is installed on your computer.  If anyone asks you to do this hang up immediately.  There's nothing wrong with your router, nor has it been compromised by many countries.  A new thing I've noticed recently is that I'm getting Amazon scam calls pretending to originate from the USA. 

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