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Scam or no scam?

Joining in

I received a phone call saying that engineers were in my area upgrading my service & that I needed to make an appointment for one of them to visit my home.

It was an Indian sounding woman so of course it was some sort of scam & told her that I didn't believe her & put the phone down.

Now I have received an e mail saying that my internet will be down while my an upgrade is made overnight, so do engineers have to visit my home to do this upgrade?


Alessandro Volta

If you are referring to a call on your VM landline phone ...

Does your landline come in via a conventional telephone wall socket or via a connection on the back of the VM hub?

Have you received a separate notification from VM about their phone switchover programme?

usually sent out by VM by letter or email (worth checking junk mail folder for any notifications)

If it is presently via a conventional wall socket then this might be what the call was about.

You are right to be cautious of scam calls so wait for the VM forum team to reply here and advise.

I received this e mail but as you can see an adapter is coming through the post & the changeover is not until January


On 13 January your current home phone service will stop working and be switched over to our fibre network. We will send you an adapter in the post which youbll need to use to connect your home phone to your WiFi Hub so you can make and receive phone calls over our fibre network.

Hey @daggettroad,
Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.

The upgrade that would have happened this week would be done remotely, so no access to your property would have been needed and is totally separate form the upgrade to your phoneline in January.

The call was a legitimate call to let you know in advance of the telephone line upgrade happening in your area in January, more information on the changeover and what happens on the day of the changeover can be found here.