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Scam calls

Tuning in

Good afternoon,

Can someone confirm if this number [REMOVED] is from a scam caller?

They asked my details but the lady on the call said I am a customer of VM since 4 months. Which is obviously not true. 



[MOD EDIT: number edited in case it's an innocent number being spoofed]


Alessandro Volta

The number has many mentions on websites listing scam caller numbers.

A caller ID alone (even for a genuine VM number which VM does use) does not mean it is actually VM though. Scammers can present whatever number they want as a fake caller ID.

By listening to the content of the scammer script though, you were able to identify that it was a scam call.

If the caller says they have 'identified problems with your connection', 'hackers on your home network' or similar that is always a scam call as VM does not make unsolicited tech support calls in this way.

Alessandro Volta

VM is not in the habit of calling customers even after promising a callback.

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