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Scam call

Was woken up this morning by some guy calling my (non-Virgin) mobile claiming to be a representative of Virgin Media, that I had called them recently and that he was there to help me "fix a problem on my router". I wouldn't have given him so much as the time of day, had I not actually called Virgin yesterday (engineer came out same day, problem seems to be fixed now, cheers guys!), so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Pushy and patronising git, which made me cautious. Asked me to check the event viewer to scare me with the error logs (event viewer always has error logs, it is what it is for...) and then started waffling on about how accessing various sites resulted in malware and viruses being downloaded to my pc... hung up at that point.

My point here is that I checked the number he called from on a call log site, and everyone who had been called by this "Virgin Media tech support" scam number had previously been in touch with the real VM team for various reasons

This sounds like VM have an info leak in one of their call centres, or someone has obtained access to one of their databases, especially since my mobile number isn't logged on my VM account. I did however provide my mobile number to what I assume was VM's Indian call centre when the woman (heavy Indian accent, but very polite) requested it.

Either someone has unauthorised access to their call logs, or the woman I spoke to is making a little extra money on the side by selling on numbers to the scammers, who capitalise on having a piece of information that only VM should have to gain trust.

To anyone from VM reading, is there any way for you to throw this up the chain for a security review, because it is only a matter of time before someone's granny, newly on the internet, ends up losing serious money to these guys.

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Re: Scam call

Hi Garedur,

Thanks for posting here with all this information.

We've reported this over to the relevant team for investigation.

Kind regards
Community Moderator