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Scam Phonecalls

I know the VM doesn’t have a dedicated number/email to report the pain in the backside phone calls from ‘technical support’ telling how they are going to cut off the services if I don’t pay yadda yadda yadda! But does anyone know if they are planning on setting something up? I know just hang up block the number, which I do but lord it would be much easier if they had someone to deal with it in the long run! I know pandemic etc but after this.

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Re: Scam Phonecalls

Dealing with it in the long run means ditching our antequated analogue phone system, which was never designed to take calls routed from the internet, with a digital system that uses internet protocols & therefore can use modern security systems.

In short, there is nothing that can be done at the providers end until all the analogue exchanges are decomissioned in 2025.

PS. Don't bother blocking the numbers. They don't exist in the real world & scammers change them several times a day.

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