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Re: Scam Phone calls and Zoho

I think VM should block these calls. To be honest - I have stopped using my home phone number totally, since 90% of people call my mobile when needed to speak to me. I only have a home number attached because it's cheaper on my monthly bill with VM to have a landline rather than not having it.

After this incident, I will not be picking up any phonecall made to my phone at home anymore. If its urgent, then they can leave a message and I will check my messages.


Be careful, in these desperate times, I'm sure there will be more and more scammers out there!!

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Re: Scam Phone calls and Zoho

These scams (and a lot of others) are as common as muck.  Unfortunately they just change the number they're calling from. It isn't difficult to generate 1000's of numbers in a few seconds, which seem to be anywhere in the UK. 

Stay vigilant folks and under no circumstances let them have access to your computer/bank account.

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