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Safesearch cannot be turned off

Joining in

I've just switched over to virgin media and safesearch is on. I've tried going on my settings to turn it off but the page just loads and loads so I can't change it. Same with the website on my laptop too. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi KittieNeo 👋 welcome to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear about this issue with changing your safesearch settings via My VM 👉

You can find more information about advanced hub settings if ever needed here 👉 How to set up Virgin Media broadband | Virgin Media Help

We are able to update this setting for you manually too, we just need to confirm a few account details via PM so we can do so. I will do this for you now - you can find the PM in the top right corner of the page in your Inbox. 📩 We can then return to this public thread with another update when possible. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

Wishing you all the best. 🌞


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi All 👋

Just returning to keep this public thread updated. Thanks to KittieNeo for PMing with me! 📩

We were able to confirm all the details we needed to update the websafe settings.  Hopefully moving forward you should be able to manage website yourself if ever needed via your my VM account 👉

You can see a bit more information about this here 👉 Web Safe | Virgin Media Help

However, if you do have any further issues please get back in touch to let us know and we will be happy to help! 
Wishing you all the best! 🌞