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ONLINE THREATS- unusual event

today my antivirus blocked two attempts to infect while browsing  using the edge browser. One was via amazon aws called js:downlader-csy (trojans) and the other was a web site with URL:Phising.

not sure if genuine threats or false positives but antivirus avoided the these web sites

I am aware of various browser extensions for safe browsing  usually free but are they private/secure? some use add blockers.

I use either edge or chrome usually, there may be other browsers? The antivirus does catch some threats but I am concerned just clicking on any unknown web site can infect the computer.

I use opera on my android tablet which works well.

so what is best secure  browser?, the best "safe  browser" extension? and is it safer to use an android device for browsing rather than  windows pc?

computers are secure until connected to web sites when clicking on  search results could pick a web site which can infect your computer so easily if not protected, the internet www is not a safe place but restricting access to trusted sites only is difficult and probably not realistic.

I have rest all my browsers in case they were infected. So just wondered with windows 10 the best policy to stay as secure as possible, or is that impossible?

I did use fsecure for the free trial period but now use other antivirus which is cheaper/free

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