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Retention Dept call back

Hi all


I recently put in my notice to cancel virgin media, as my contract was up and was offered a deal with Sky, the VM customer service guy could not match the deal.

A few days later I got calls from this number: 0345 454 1098, my Samsung phone has a build-in number checker ( i forgot whats its called), this flagged the number as potential fraud which made me not answer it.

I had a few more calls from this number, I did some google searches and other people reported this number as fraud too, but in some posts people mentioned it was the virgin medias retention dept.

As I was unsure, I called VM customer service again and told them what happened, they told me there was no record of retentions team calling me on my account, which raised my suspicions further the advisor mentioned this could be due to the person forgetting to add notes to my account.

So I asked him if he can put me through to the retention dept so I could find out what they could offer me, he said he could not as it’s “an outbound number” and he will put a notice for them to call me back.

Its been a few days and I haven got a call back yet….

So can someone confirm if

  1. 0345 454 1098 is a genuine virgin media number?
  2. How can I get the retention team to call me back ?
  3. I Can call their dept directly?


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Re: Retention Dept call back

i have no idea if the number is genuine - from what you say its likely to be - unfortunately outbound retentions call you - there is no way to contact them - even the normal retentions cannot put you through and any offer made by outbound is a one off deal - take it or leave it - again normal retentions cannot offer it even though the notes might be on your account

so they will ring you again - or not

if not you can speak to normal retentions and see what they can offer - deals change on a regular basis so there may be something or you can leave 


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