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Repeated calls fromm 0800 1836403, who claim to be VM

They started calling me yesterday, whilst in a meeting, but were reluctant to stop talking when I said I was in a meeting and couldn't talk and wasn't interested. I saved the number under the name DNA (Do Not Answer). Since then Have had other calls, which I am ignoring. I have never given VM permission to contact me for marketing calls and I thought it was illegal for this to happen. I cannot find the bit in my account settings to stop this happening, can anyone please advise me where it is ?


If it cannot be stopped I will have to look into going to an alternative comany.

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Re: Repeated calls fromm 0800 1836403, who claim to be VM

if you are a virgin customer/not a virgin customer it isn't illegal and your permission isn't needed. although apparently you can opt out of them. the number in this case is virgin marketing who are i'm afraid persistent. block the number if you can.

just found a thread on it here
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Re: Repeated calls fromm 0800 1836403, who claim to be VM

There is the option to send Virgin Media a Section 11 DPA Notice which gives you the right to make a request to an organisation to stop processing your data for the purposes of direct marketing.

If you send this notice to an organisation it means they must stop, or not begin, sending you marketing material or contacting you for marketing purposes.

You need to give the organisation enough information to identify you. This may be your full name, address, email address or other information, such as your account number. Your notice needs to be in writing, an email is acceptable for this purpose.

Your letter should be sent to Virgin Media's Data Protection Officer at 

RG27 9UP




[Your full name]

[Your full address]

[Today's date]

Data Controller / Company Secretary

[Organisation's full address]

Dear Sir or Madam,

Notice under the Data Protection Act 1998 not to use my personal information for direct marketing

I, [your full name] of [your full address] require you to [stop / not to begin] processing personal information relating to me for direct marketing as soon as possible and in any event within 28 days of the date of this [letter / e-mail].

If you do not normally handle these requests for your organisation, please pass this [letter / e-mail] to your Data Protection Officer or the person who does.

Please note that if you do not comply with this notice, I can apply to the court for an order against you under Section 11 of the Data Protection Act.

Yours faithfully,

[Your name]


In normal circumstances you should expect them to stop contacting you by email within 28 days of receiving your notice, and post to stop within two months. Telephone contact should also stop within this time period.

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