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Recieving texts

I have received a text from the following number, does anyone know if it is genuinely Virgin or a scam please:




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Re: Recieving texts

@Mgreenway47 wrote:

I have received a text from the following number,        +447800002204

If you are suspicious about a call or text then (other similar websites are available)  is a good starting place to get a feel for other peoples' experiences of calls / texts from the number. I'm not saying it's definitive but it does help to get a wider view.

The results for that number are interesting. A mixture of calls and texts virtually all claiming to be from Virgin Media.

Some respondents say they were legitimate calls from VM. 

However there are several more recent reports such as:

"their texts quickly got aggressive" , "don't have Virgin in my area", "third voicemail said..........listen Virgin Media will keep calling you until you reply"  which suggest even if it is a valid VM number it may have been cloned by scammers.

Interesting to read what the text says if you are happy to post it.

Also interesting to hear what the VM Forum Team or Moderators say on this.

In the mean time I would assume it's a scam unless it specifically relates to recent conversation or correspondence you have had with VM.


I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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