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Push notification from virgin. virgin compromised?

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Second push message received reported it to 7726

We were unable to validate your billing information. Please confirm your current info to avoid your line being suspended: [MOD EDIT: Suspicious link removed]

looks like virgin has been compromised??????

I don’t understand how they push this message and it come up in my genuine push messages from virgin?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Chaptan,

Thanks for your post. I'm sorry to see you've received a scam text, we know this can be concerning.

These are very sophisticated scam text messages - please know that we'd never contact you to say that we need to validate your bank details. If you are ever unsure if a text or call is from us, you're more than welcome to post on here and we will be happy to verify if it's genuine or not.

We have more information about how to deal with these types of scams here


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I have received the same message stating that I need to go

I received it via the regular Virginmedia text, this is the same number which sends me news on discounts bargains etc.

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I forgot to ask if the Virgintext number is compromised.

Hi @flmadams 👋 Thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community 😀

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

We'd suggest forwarding the message onto 7726. Once done, we’ll look into it and work to block the sender from our network.

Advice on how to spot signs of scams can be found here

Please pop back to us if you have any further queries.


@flmadams wrote:

I forgot to ask if the Virgintext number is compromised.

Probably not, no. Just as it is fairly easy to make a phone call and have it appear to have come from a different number, so too SMS spoofing can be used to send a test message and have it appear to the recipient that it has come from a different number. If the sender ‘spoofs’ the number to be a genuine VM text number, then when it arrives at your phone, the phone has no means of detecting that it hasn’t come from the number it claim to. 

SMS threads are handled by the phone itself, so it just adds the new message to the chain of genuine VM messages, which adds a degree to authenticity to it as it will appear with all of the other VM messages.

Because of the way SMS is structured, and for historical reasons, there is no means of blocking these at your end, and neither can VM as they never sent them - the only real defence is to be vigilant and work on the basis that if something doesn’t look quite right, then it probably isn’t - and take action based on that.