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Public IP has been used in russia now my services dont work

Shocking display by virgin media tech support absolutely useless.

Last night my netflix and youtube services were different and not displaying what i normally watch. as a senior IT professional myself who works with large ISP's and MSP's i traced my IP and saw that it had been used in Moscow, RUssia4AF6FD57-56DD-439D-AC74-EEE84B005D47.jpg

i reset my router and AP, changes the passwords and SSID's etc, done a full on reset on everything, signed out all devices on netflix and youtube etc.

Clearly someone has used my public IP, i have no software VPN or proxy running AT ALL.

Netflix dont care and keep saying turn off your VPN and contact your ISP and Virgin take about 4 years to ask the same questions to say you cannot change your public IP. 

This is a security issue and im now paying for a limited service. Just to top it off i asked to get put through to complaints after 2 hours on a call to be cut off.

Please advise and also sort out my compromised IP! if you can do it for business customers please do it for me, its not out of choice its limiting my services.

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Re: Public IP has been used in russia now my services dont work

Nope, not sure how someone can ‘use your public IP’, that’s just not the way it works!

GeoLocation services can be notoriously unreliable (apparently I am currently in Fremont, California (I wish)), I have just checked your IP address against a couple of other services and they all seem to claim that you are just south of Reading - yes I know you masked out the IP address in the posted picture, but neglected the rDNS field which is clearly visible.

Now there have been a spate of reports on here recently about Netflix and other streaming services deciding that users are not where they actually are and it inevitably comes down to bad Geolocation, oddball DNS entries or outdated IP address block allocation lists - usually fixes itself in a couple of days.

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Re: Public IP has been used in russia now my services dont work

Hi @tonycollins58


Thanks for posting on our community forum!


Sorry to hear about the issues with your service, as advised by the very helpful jem101 this does come down to the individual apps and the geolocation alongside this. I can assure you your connection is safe and I have had a quick look and everything is fine on our end.


I hope the above post from jem101 has provided some peace of mind for you.


I hope you have a great weekend



Forum Team

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Re: Public IP has been used in russia now my services dont work

Odd for Netflix to lose customers in this way; accusing their customers of using VPN's when they're not.  Given the current political situation, a "hack" from "Russia" isn't good publicity.  If their geo-location software puts you in "Russia" it's up to them to sort it out (and not you) by getting better software to do the job.

It should also be noted that some browsers have built in VPN software and if Netflix do a software scan (not saying they do) this could be picked up.

I would cancel the contract.

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Re: Public IP has been used in russia now my services dont work

Get a cheap router with 1Gb ports put hub in modem mode and your fixed! unless one of your devices has been hacked and infected that is.

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