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Prepayment scam?


I ordered the QuickStart self-install pack on Friday (3.09) and today (6.09) someone claiming that they're from Virgin Mobile called me saying that I've succesfully passed the credit check, but I need to make a prepayment of £25 which will be deduced from my first bill. I got suspicious and told them that I'm not able to make any payment right now and they should call me later. They told me that they are putting my application on hold and will call later.

The number was genuine VM (0345 454 1111) and they also sent me an email (from The caller knew my name and there was my order reference number in the email.

This is the email I received:


Hi there,

Great news! We've had a look at your details and we can connect your home to our Virgin Media network!

As you may already know, after submitting your details online we performed a UK credit check, and the good news is that we just need a small prepayment of £25. This goes on as a credit to your account and will reduce the cost of your first bill.

We've tried calling you already, but it looks like we were trying at the wrong time. So please give us a quick call on 0800 052 7588 or click here to chat and we'll be happy to help.

And just so you know, any pre-payment made online will not be processed until your installation date has been confirmed.

Kind regards,

The Virgin Media team


Is this a scam?



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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Prepayment scam?

i dont think its a scam - all the details are in place but i was not aware they asked for an upfront payment so will flag the thread and ask - that way we both learn


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Prepayment scam?

Hi @bayabongo


Thanks for posting on our community forum!


This is indeed not a scam and is an authentic call from our team, we do require the £25.00 deposit as per the instructions provided.



Forum Team

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