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Potential scam call?

Got a call from two numbers. He called again after I put the phone down the first time.

Said he was from Virgin Media's technical help department and wanted to inform me of "fluctuations of Internet" and wanted me to give him information about my router and then get onto a device and give him speed info which I didn't do. 

He seemed very aggressive and quite rude. I said I would call virgin directly and he didn't seem too keen. 

A quick Google search didn't bring anything up so just wanted to confirm that this was some sort of phishing or was it just an overly rude virgin employee?

These were the numbers he called from-



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Re: Potential scam call?

Hello Faznaz,

Thanks for letting us know about your call 

Looking at your services from here, It is clear to see everything is running as it should 

We would never call any one out of the blue to advise the above, Unless you have called us and asked for us to call you back 

The way the call was described, he was looking to get access to your PC to gain valuable information etc 

What we will do is pass on the numbers for you to our Phishing Team 

Hope this puts your mind at rest now






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