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Re: Possible hacking


thanks for the  very clear explanation, I now fully understand this and the use of the keep me signed in button in the sign in box, I think I was confused by this and the security is not compromised provided one would be happy to store some passwords for convenience.

I do not save my passwords generally to the browser so happy to log in each time but may set up auto log in and try that out.

I have had similar issues before  with other companies, some restrict login unless it is saved to the browser on each machine or take you through full security if 2 step is activated like facebook, and often locks you out if it does not recognise the computer.

As I use both chrome and edge I presume it could be set up in both browsers, chrome is better with less connection problems I find.

As  I have several  laptops  and a tablet, each would require setting up for auto login if required as you advise.

Another one solved by the community thanks,


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