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Phone scam

I was called this morning by someone calling from a call centre claiming to be from Virgin Media. The told me my internet had been compromised and I need to take various steps to fix it. They insisted I switch in my laptop and when I told the I couldn’t told me to download an app on to my iPhone, TeamViewer Quick Support. 

It sounded suspect so I asked to speak to a manager. The phone was passed to someone else who became very sarcastic when I asked them to prove who they were. 

Has anyone else been contacted?

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Very Insightful Person
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Re: Phone scam


Look at the last 100 or so threads on this very forum, many with subject lines like yours.

Its the most common scam going with internet users.

Virgin will NEVER ask you to download anything, nor will they call you to tell you about an issue in this way. 

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Re: Phone scam

@Mattbroughton08 wrote

Has anyone else been contacted?

Over the years this scam has been running many thousands have received calls exactly like that. Not just VM customers either, BT and Sky customers get them too,

You were right to be sceptical. Next time they ring just end the call straight away.

Unfortunately, they will call again because they now know your number is live. The scammers work from the readily available lists of numbers allocated to the various providers and then use auto dialers to work systematically through the list until someone answers the call. They have no idea who you are, unless you gave hem any details, and they only know you are a VM customer because your number is one allocated to VM.

Take no notice of the number that appeared in caller display or is recorded on 1471. The scammers will have faked the number and next time they call it will appear to come from a different number.

The scammers are all based overseas and it has proved very difficult for the UK authorities to take action against them.


Edited to add

Sorry nodrogd, you beat me to it.

I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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