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Phone Scam

Good afternoon.

I've received two phone calls on consecutive days to my landline saying that my router is due to be disabled within 4 hours and press 1 to speak to an engineer.

First one I hung up, second one I pressed 1 and I spoke to someone saying they were from Virgin Media. When I said that I didn't believe that they hung up.

I assume that these scammers can tell from my number that I'm a Virgin customer and I work in IT and work on security aspects so I'm not going to be fooled. However, I thought I'd report this here as I couldn't find any option either on the main site or on the IVR system to log this sort of event. I'm sure this is doing the rounds so perhaps customers should be made aware?

Thank you.



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Forum Team
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Re: Phone Scam

Hi HWick_Bluenose,


Thank you for posting on the Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear you've been receiving a few scam calls recently, although we do appreciate you making both us and the community aware.


I appreciate you work in IT/Security and so you'll know what you're doing, but you're welcome to check out our Dealing with fraudulent calls page if you are ever unsure or have any concerns. 


You can also report the number to Action Fraud UK if you jotted the number down, so the number can be investigated.


Let us know if we can help with anything else.


All the best,



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