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I tried to forward a phishing email received today to and it was returned with following:-

I am sorry to have to inform you that your message, "Fw: The payment for your latest VirginMedia bill failed", could not be delivered to
( " The remote server returned the below error when attempting delivery:
554:554 5.2.0 MXIN602 Message contains Spam Content ;id=1VjjhbXKm3YGt1VjjhtPOX;sid=1VjjhbXKm3YGt;mta=mx2.mnd;d=20190306;t=133327[CET];ipsrc=; ")

This makes me laugh as it was rejected for being spam yet loads of spam is being delivered to me and I have to spend time blacklisting the addresses hoping they do not get through to Windows Live mail which I use, can someone be so kind as to let me have a address to which I can forward this phishing email otherwise I will just blacklist it and VM will not know this email is making the rounds

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Re: Phishing

Paste the message as text into a new message and try again.  If it's doing the rounds, it may be posted here:  Check the links in the top pink boxes.

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Re: Phishing

I believe you get this when VM already have had the message before and added it to their checking database. 

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