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Phishing Email help

Just joined


I received what i thought was a virgin media email asking me to press the update button otherwise the account would be closed as it was a later version. I added my email address and password which I have since changed my password. I never ever normally do this and i never add bank or contact details. I have increased my AVG security too include hackers etc. Do you think my account will now be safe. I have also spoken to virgin media. Thank you


Alessandro Volta

Was the email address and password combination that you put into the phishing website link (presumably what you were using to access your VM email account) unique and only in use for VM email? i.e. have you reused that same email address and password combination across any other sites and services?

Is the new email password you have set now also unique to VM email only and not in use anywhere else?

Have you made your new email password suitably secure (and not easily guessed)?