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Password Compromise by Customer Services

Calling Customer Services tonight to get help unlocking a secondary account, I was asked to give a new Password for the account. The call taker then asked me to try and access the account whilst she changes the rest of my email accounts to the same password. I am normally on the ball but very tired tonight. She then asked me for my mobile phone number, not virgin mobile, I declined saying goodbye. I have of course changed my passwords very quickly.

  1. Why did she ask for a password ?
  2. Why did she change all of my email accounts ?
  3. Why did she want my mobile number ?
  4. Seemed suspect to me. You're normally given a temporary password or told to put one in online whilst remaining on the phone.
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Re: Password Compromise by Customer Services

bit strange, since if you login into the primary account you can then change any of the secondary accounts, as for the password was the email account not been used in awhile or forgot the password.. if its password then the password would need to be reset.
as for why they reset the others password dont know
3. possible to update your details (if no mobile on account)
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