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I am new to Virgin Media, I have turned on the child safe and blocked all categories, however when searching for Porn website I still can see it and open it but the video won’t play.


I want to block it all when you search for it as I have kids but I don’t know how to do it, can you please advise?

with my previous provider I just needed to turn on parental controls and you see nothing when you search for porn websites.


kind regards



Child Safe is affects the way the VM DNS works, it aims to prevent delivery of the IP of the blocked content.

It does not affect the way Google or any other search engine function.

Where a computer had visited a specific website prior to Enabling Child Safe, that computer could for a time continue to access content that might be expected to be blocked because the computer has already cached the IP of the site and is not yet re-requesting the IP from the VM DNS.

Restarting that computer will usually clear the DNS cache and Child Safe will operated as expected.

Thank you.

I’m not using computer, I’m using my phone, is this will be the same?

So just to double check I understand correctly, if child safe is on, any computer/phone not visited porn websites before won’t see anything, is this correct?


Kind regards


Restart you phone to clear its DNS cache & then you can try for yourself and see what is / is not possible to access.

VM's Child Safe is a only DNS function affecting home internet.  

School kids have many savvy friends who could point out that switching a phone / computer / console to a Public DNS bypasses Child Safe.

WiFi Pausing of the VM Connect app is also close to useless now computers & mobiles can change their MAC address.

Education is always better than enforcement.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It is likely your previous ISP redirect you to the search provider's safe search site by default; Virgin Media do not. To workaround this issue either:

  • on each device set the search site's default to use its safe search setting, for example see Your SafeSearch setting | Google
  • on each device manual set DNS to use one that automatically redirects to search provider's safe search site, for example see Introducing for Families | Cloudflare
  • use the Hub in modem mode with a third-party router on which DNS is set to one that provides the protection sought

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