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Ntlworld email account hacked

Tuning in

My email account was hacked yesterday. My account was locked by VM because of suspicious activity but not until after the hacker had spammed everyone in my contacts list. I restored access with a new stronger password. I discovered that all my contacts had disappeared. Since yesterday the hacker has continued to spam my contacts and some of my contacts have told me that my email address has been replaced by the hacker's or the hacker's added against my name in their contacts list. Any advice?

Does this mean that the hacker is going to continue spamming/phishing my contacts?


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There is help here on what to do if your email address has been compromised Codigo.



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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Codigo,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear your Email was hacked and that they have changes the settings , I would advise first to run an antivirus on all devices, once done change the password again to something totally different to ones used before, once done allow 15 minutes then log in and make sure there are no diverts set up, you can find more information around our Email settings here.




Thanks for response. I'd done that already before posting.
What I really want to know is if there is anything that VM can do to stop the spamming of my contacts or do I simply have to tell them to block the email address the hacker is are using? The hacker has taken literally thousands of contacts' email addresses.

Can you also please explain what is meant by making 'sure that no diverts are set up'?


Hi Codigo, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you have had issues with the email address, I recommend that you have a virus checker on the device as this can be caused by a Virus and when our internet security team detects it sending spam they will lock it. 


Thanks. Not really possible. I use an ipad or an iphone. Haven’t used a windows device for months.

Possible weakness/breach at Virgin’s end? Don’t suppose it will be admitted.:)

Alessandro Volta

Individual customers who have been affected by this data protection 'occurrence' should each be reporting their problem(s) to the ICO

So do VM actually log these breaches or report them to anyone like the ICO or just ignore them? This not anything I have done or have control over. I can’t virus check a device that doesn’t have virus checking capability and I can’t make passwords any stronger without it being ridiculous. This is a server breach and not a device based breach.

There is help here on what to do if your email address has been compromised Codigo.