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No Email Verification on Yahoo

Tuning in

Hi VM,

I've just newly registered on your Community using my Yahoomail but unfortunately, I didn't receive any verification in my inbox or spam folder for 3 days but it worked using another email domain. You might want to investigate this.

Thank you.



Unless the issue is solved tomorrow, I can't remember ever receiving the verification email. An agent that acted like a robot once contacted me to provide some information but the system never allowed me to reply their DMs. They are aware of this restriction but they act like they're indeed trying to help. The agent then changed my password for no reason and suggests I keep using that password. I won't take such risk!

Hey Jaims, thanks for reaching out to us on the forums page. 👋🏼

I know I have popped you a PM in the other thread.
If there's anything you wish to raise with me, we can do it there and I will assist.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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