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New Virgin Media F-Secure Internet Security Package - No Key?


I received an email yesterday from F-Secure (Gmail classed it as a promotions email). It advised me of the following....

"F-Secure KEY is no-longer included as part of the Virgin Media internet security suite. But don’t worry, so that you can carry on managing and securing your passwords for another year, we would like to offer you 5 x Premium KEY vouchers for the next 12 months (expires 31st October 2021)."

Done a quick Google and couldn't find anything so finished up on the Virgin Media Internet Security offering on .....from what I can make out this is a new service with the following features (changes)

  • £3 per month or £30 per year (was £25 per year)
  • Unlimited number of devices (was 5)
  • No mention of password manager (Key was included)
  • Android lock/wipe protection (Not aware that was included before) - will be interested how that works.

I would have hoped that I would have had something from Virgin Media and am disappointed that Key is being removed from the service (although I have the next year on F-Secure themselves)....

My F-Secure Safe subscription is up in December I think, so would appreciate any comments / thoughts on the above....


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Re: New Virgin Media F-Secure Internet Security Package - No Key?

I received an email about it but do not use F-Secure. Some ISPs offer AV software for free while you’re a user.
I don’t bother & use Defender on Windows 10 along with MalwareBytes Premium.

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