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Network traffic/malware letters

Tuning in

I've received 4 letters now, 3 of which claiming a device on my network is infected with malware (gamut) and one saying high network traffic...

I've installed F-Secure on all my devices, I've ran scans, but cannot find anything.

I'm concerned that my service will be restricted (as per the letters) if I don't resolve it - but without more information I don't see how I can?



Re- scan of your computer with Malwarebytes, this is excellent for routing out this type of gremlin that Antivirus often miss.

Malwarebytes has bailed us out of rebuilding many office and domestic PCs.

The free version will be fine to use as an extra check.

Thanks - one machine tested, nothing there... Will try the others!

Recently a fellow had a similar (spam malware) situation where it was an Amazon Firestick adapted with non-standard software that turned out to be the culprit.

Ah... I have a Seagate GoFlex Home drive which I had to re-flash some time ago with third party software (due to Seagate terminating the remote service), I wonder if that could be the culprit.

Looks like all that was needed was the public IP to access the Seagate drive.

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As long as you've scanned all of your devices and all are showing clean, please do not worry as your services will not be restricted. The letters are sent out if something is flagged on our end but does not always guarantee that an issue is ongoing. 

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