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Netflix hacked

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My netflix account has been hacked all that happens now when I go on is all 5 profiles have a pin to be entered email and password have been changed, netflix are saying its a virgin problem and only virgin can fix it. However getting in touch with the right department has become a night mare and I'm just going round in circles. Also because of this security breech my amazon account was also hacked however that was sorted as amazon noticed right away and blocked user and notifications were sent to me and I changed my pass word so it wasn't able to be accessed again. I would be greatful if someone could help me with this mater as no one can now use netflix in my house and I'm paying virgin for it.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @Mariepattillo,

Sorry to hear that this has happened, with our services we may take the payment from you but this payment is still paid through to Netflix, can you confirm has your email also been hacked or just the Netflix account? If it is the Netflix account then we would not have any further information of this if the account information has been changed. Netflix would be the ones who handled this, what have Netflix specifically stated in regards to this?


No they haven't hacked my email they have taken over my virgin netflix account, I've managed to work out their pins (so not so cleaver) and it's all in Spanish. I've loged them out entered my email and password and now asking for my payment Details like netflix said they have hated it through virgin so it's a virgin problem not a netflix. They are now their netflix paid for through my virgin account. That's unacceptable!

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @Mariepattillo,

For this you would need to reach out directly to Netflix, the best place to do this would be via their own website here.


I've done this they said I need to come to you as my account is still on their and I just need to make payment to start it back up but I'm paying for it already through virgine hence its a virgin issue. 

They haven't changed my email they have taken my netflix account off the virgin and entered their own on there so I am now paying for someone else to get free netflix

Been back onto netflix they want a service code that I have to get through the recovery on your app this isn't allowing me to do this so I defiantly need help through virgin so need the correct number to to ring for the correct support with this problem as my account can't be recovered as virgin isn't allowing it as it just says... Hmm...Something's wrong with this link.

Double-check the link with your partner and try again, or sign up to netflix now without an offer. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi, Mariepattillo.

We're sorry to see all the issues faced with this Netflix account, this is far from great indeed.
We'd love to see how to best assist with this.

About the service code you're trying to get and retrieve access to the Netflix account, could you please advise if the link you're trying to access works when opened on a browser instead of the VM App or via a different device, perhaps?

Do you have access to your online account with us and are you able to make other changes in general?

Forum Team

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Dear All, 

I have just had the same problem, my names had disappeared and Spanish names had been added and a passcode had been set up.

I went on the Netflix website and found the the E-Mail address for the account had been changed and it was a dark Web address. On the same page was a telephone 0808 number to call Netflix. They walked me through the actions to take and the problem is resolved. I changed the E-Mail address in the process just to make sure.

I have not leaked my E-Mail address for the Netflix account and I assume that this was set up by Virgin, therefore they are responsible for the leak of my personal E-Mail address and password. I hope someone is looking into this because it is a bad state of affairs if they use your E-Mail and password to set up an account and then it can be hacked!!

Virgin, get your act together.

Hi @spressy 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies for the issues that you have had with Netflix. I can assure you that we have not passed on any information or leaked any customer information to any third parties, we always recommend using an email address and a password that is secure and changing it on a semi regular basis to prevent incidents occurring. It is good to hear that you have changed the email address, this will ensure more security on your account. 

Should you require us to check into anything further, please do let us know.