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National lottery website says I’m not in the U.K. on my iPhone but it works on my iPad. I am in the U.K.

Tuning in

I can’t get into the national lottery website on my iPhone XR but I can access it fine on my iPad. My phone takes me to the lottery page that says I’m not in the U.K. every time except I am in the U.K. how can this be fixed?




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Tuning in

I would say find out your public IP first and see if they match on both devices (they should), type into google "what is my IP" and this should come back with your public IP address, not your 192.168.x.x (this is your internal range).


If they both match then I would say a bit unusual behavior from your phone, unless you have an app basically gone rouge which could be re-routing your IP via DNS settings locally on your phone, this scenario is a bit far fetched but could always happen. 


Hi Satman10,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We're sorry that to hear that your iPhone is not allowing you access to the National lottery UK.

As it's been a short while since you posted, has the advice from our valued members @Anonymous and @H_awx2022 resolved your issue at all?

Kind regards Jodi.