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My Virginmedia IP address is being blocked due to alleged malware sending spam emails

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I am having trouble with my Virginmedia IP address being blocked by Virgin.  The Virgin Internet Security team says that Spamhaus has detected bulk spam emails being queued from my IP address.  However, they don't seem able to provide any evidence as to what the source of the emails might be.  They just say it might be a spybot.  I have four computers on our home network, all running Outlook for email.  I have scanned all the computers for malware using Malwarebytes and Bitdefender and no infections have been found.

At the moment, the only way we can send emails is with a VPN enabled, when it works fine.

I have reset the Superhub 3 and checked that all the firewall settings are in place, which they are.

Can anyone suggest how I can find out whether I do have an infection that is generating spam emails, and how to find and remove it?

Many thanks!



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @RobertM86 👋 Welcome to our forum and thanks for your post 😊

Sorry to see you've been having issues with these issues being flagged. This certainly is odd 🤔 The best thing we could advise would be to refer this to Gadget Rescue as per the information here. They can then talk you through ensuring that all the checks are completed on each device so this won't be flagged again.

If, when you've done this you are still seeing this issue, we can then re flag this to the internet security team for further investigation.



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Hi Hergest

Many thanks for your very helpful reply.

Since my original posting I decided to check my Superhub to see if there was any suspicious activity at my firewall.  I found that I couldn't remember the password, so I did a factory reset on the hub.  I have now discovered that Virgin seems to be allowing me to send emails without the need for the VPN.  I tried a curl command and this worked too.

I have followed your advice and checked my IP address with Spamhaus (I never knew you could do this!) and I am only listed once, on the PBL.  So I assume this is currently all fine.

I have no idea whether this apparent recovery is anything to do with resetting the hub or not.  Can Superhubs themselves get infected?

Anyway, I will see how I get on now, and I will post again if the problem re-occurs!

Thanks again for your helpful response.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @RobertM86,

Thanks for keeping the thread updates. Please keep us updated on any changes you notice so that we can assist further if needed.

Thank you.

Forum Team

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