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Message from virgin

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Hi , just got an email saying my email account might be compromised , is this genuine .


Alessandro Volta

It will be a scam in all likelihood. Have you gone through the example scam emails in the pinned sticky posts at the top of this page. It is often possible to match a scam message word for word with the examples. Check those first.

If the email mentions that a hacker has taken over your computer, has been spying on you and is demanding payment in bitcoin, then that is a common  template for a scam message (using scare tactics) which lots of people have received.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi John2021, thanks for reaching out on the help forums about this issue.

We're sorry to see you've received an email which does not seem genuine, we'd like to best advise on this.

By context as seen above this does not sound legit, however in some cases our security team may lock an account if any suspicious activity is detected to protect your sensitive data and info.

Can you provide more info as in:
a) the email address it's been received from 
b) how does the message get addressed to you? Is it by full account name of something generic like 'dear customer'?
b) the full context of the message and if it prompts you to any sort of action 
c) are you able to log on to your email account here using your current email/username and password (or have you changed your password recently in order to gain access back to the email after you got this message)?

Please, confirm the above and we'll be happy to advise more from there.

Forum Team

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