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Malcicious Traffic Emails and Letters from Vigin Media

Like others I have received emails and letters stating that:
Malicious traffic has been detected coming from a device using your internet connection. We don’t know which device this is, but it does mean your personal data and online financial transactions, including any credit card purchases, could be at risk.
It’s likely that a device connected to your broadband is infected with malware. This probably isn’t your fault, but it's important you get your device fixed so the malicious traffic is stopped as soon as possible. We’ll help you do this below.
We need to let you know that if you don’t get it fixed, to protect others we may need to suspend or cancel your broadband service in line with our Acceptable Use Policy.
All devices on our network run Norton 360. Full scans and Power Eraser have not detected any Malware. I run multiple layers of security and am very conscious of locking the network down and devices that connect. I have searched IP Address Blacklists and IP Address Reputation sites and the only listing is because of Dynamically Allocated IP Address. No major issues reported that would justify such a letter from Virgin Media.
I have spent numerous hours on support calls with Norton 360 support doing in-depth scans to validate no Malware or Virus are present on the network.
I am an IT professional with countless years experience in Technology Consulting. My livelihood is dependent on my internet service. To have threats made that my broadband service will be terminated is terrifying and causing huge stress, especially under the climate of Covid 19 where home working is my only option.
It's completely unacceptable for Virgin Media not to offer any support or information on the nature of the malicious traffic and simply make threats, especially based on a report by an un-named third party.
There are numerous posts of this nature on the community but never any indication of a resolution. I am beyond frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
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Re: Malcicious Traffic Emails and Letters from Vigin Media

Issue has been flagged to the forum team who, hopefully, will be able to provide the vital detail missing from the notification; be aware it can take them a few hours / days to respond.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Malcicious Traffic Emails and Letters from Vigin Media

Hi skibuddy, thanks for getting in touch.


Sorry to hear about this situation - I can understand your concern with the letters received.


It's my understanding we don't get the info about which device this is related to unfortunately, just when it first flags up. 

However if you've checked all of your devices without success I can contact the relevant teams and see if they can shed any further light.


I'll get in touch via PM so we can confirm a few details and hopefully help get this sorted.