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Latest Phishing News 19/01/2023


Latest Phishing News 19/01/2023

We have been informed about phishing emails that contains the content copied below. They were NOT sent by Virgin Media and should not be responded to. Do NOT visit the link included in the mails or response


Email 1

Dear VirginMedia User,

"Starting from January 20th, 2023,  Customers that are yet to update their account will no longer be able to log in via their email addresses due to recent new year upgrades.


 Thank You. Please do not reply to this message. Mail sent to this address


Email 2

Check out your notifications

There are 25 new notifications for you

Take a look

Email 3
We have discovered an issue with your plan that needs to be addressed immediately.To avoid a suspension of service, please contact our Member Support team today with the link below.


Many times, these issues are caused by outdated credit-card information, bandwidth constraints, conflicts with our Terms of Service or a membership expiration.

©2023 Virgin Media All Rights Reserved

Email 4

Hi Virgin Media User,

Thanks for signing up to Virgin Media, great to have you!

Please verify your email address by clicking the link below.

Verify Email

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