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Latest Phishing News 17/08/2020

Latest Phishing News 17/08/2020

We have been informed about phishing emails that contains the content copied below. They were NOT sent by Virgin Media and should not be responded to. Do NOT visit the link included in the mails or response.

Email 1

Your account will be locked
We've detected some activity that violates our Services Agreement to the account ********
To save your account, you'll need to sign in again, to confirm your device, and we'll get to you back after submit it to our Customer Service.
Save your account
To opt out or change where you receive security notifications, click here.

-The Support team

Email 2

Dear Valued Customer,
Your latest Virgin Media bill is ready

Your Bill Summary
Payment due: XX of the month
Payment reference: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Great extras from Virgin Media

Did you know that all our customers get free servicing and repairs? This excludes mistreatment, but for anything else just let us know and we'll come and fix it at a time that suits you, without costing you a penny! For more info see here.
View Bill
Making payments by phone is easy

If you want to make a credit or debit card payment by phone simply call our automated payment service.

Help with your bill

If you have any questions about the details of your bill, check out our bill explainer online for all the answers.

Anything else you'd like to know?

If you have any questions or need help understanding your bill, you'll find all the answers at [Link Removed]

Kind regards,

The Virgin Media team

 Email 3

From: [Email Removed]
Date: XX August 2020 at XX:XX:XX BST
To: [Email Removed]
Subject: Important Information

[Email Removed]

We are having troXXXXXXXXXuble authoXXXXXXXXrizing your paymXXXXXXXXXent for the last bill.

Everything's done and dusted on our side. however, veXXXXXXXXXrify or upXXXXXXXXXdate your paXXXXXXXXXyment metXXXXXXXXXhod.

You need to upXXXXXXXXXdate your pXXXXXXXXayment meXXXXXXXXXthod ~~> here or by using the buXXXXXXXXXtton below.

To log in, you'll just need to enter the secuXXXXXXXXXrity pasXXXXXXXXXsword (and your paXXXXXXXXXyment detXXXXXXXXXails).

Kind Regards,

The Virgin Media team

VirgiXXXXXXXXXn MedXXXXXXXXXia MobXXXXXXXXXile finXXXXXXXXXance limXXXXXXXXXited is authorXXXXXXXXXised and reguXXXXXXXXXlated by the financial conduct AuthoriXXXXXXXXXty (finaXXXXXXXXXncial SeXXXXXXXXXrvices RegisXXXXXXXXXter numbXXXXXXXXXer: XXXXXX ). RegisXXXXXXXXXtered in EngXXXXXXXXXland no. XXXXXXXX. RegisXXXXXXXXtered office: Media house, Bartley Wood Business Park, BarXXXXXXXXXtley Way, hook, hampXXXXXXXXXshire, Rg27 9UP.


Your Account
contact us

Please do not reply to this email.

Email 4

From: [Email Removed]
Date: XX August 2020 at XX:XX:XX BST
To: [Email Removed]
Subject: The Virgin Media team would like to know what you think
Reply-To: [Email Removed]

First of all, thank you for being a Virgin Media customer.
At Virgin Media, we really care about getting feedback from our customers. We've put together a few questions and would really appreciate it if you could take 10 minutes to answer them.
To give us your feedback...

Click Here
Virgin Media looks after the data collected and may use it together with information already held about you (e.g. the products you have) to make sure you're getting the products and services you want. This will be shared with the customer service team; however we will never share this information with anyone outside of Virgin Media without your consent. All the information you provide is covered by the Virgin Media and Maru/edr privacy policies.
Can we help you with anything else? If you need any help or support with your products or services simply visit [Link Removed]. Or to get in touch, visit [Link Removed].
Thanks very much in advance for your help.
Yours sincerely,
The whole team at Virgin Media

** An important note **
If the link above is not clickable, please copy and paste this entire web address into your internet browser: [Link Removed]
If you do not wish to receive further messages regarding research being conducted by Maru/edr on behalf of Virgin Media, please click here.
And just so you know, this email is unique to you. So please don't pass this email to others as they won't be able to answer the questions, and we won't see their feedback.

You have received this email because either you, or someone else using this email address, is a customer of Virgin Media. Maru/matchbox conduct surveys on behalf of Virgin Media and are industry leaders in online research, operating under ESOMAR guidelines. For Maru/matchbox's detailed security policy, please click here.
Maru/matchbox can be contacted here:Maru/matchbox, The HUB, Berrywood Business Village, Tollbar Way, Hedge End, Hampshire SO30 2UN. +44 (0) XXXXXXXXXXX . Registered in England.

Virgin Media looks after the data collected in this survey, and may use your feedback together with information already held about you (such as how long you have been a customer and the products you have) to make sure you're getting the products and services you want. We will never share information with anyone outside of Virgin Media without your consent. The information collected is treated in accordance with Virgin Media's privacy policy. Or you can write to the team at: Virgin Media, Bartley Way, Bartley Wood Business Park, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9UP.







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