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Latest Phishing News 17/07/2023


Latest Phishing News 17/07/2023

We have been informed about phishing emails that contains the content copied below. They were NOT sent by Virgin Media and should not be responded to. Do NOT visit the link included in the mails or response

Email 1

Virgin media
Your Virgin Media Bill
Update Payment Details

Dear Valued Customer,

We couldn't process your payment for your account. Please update your payment details promptly by logging into your account.

Simply Log into your account


Your payment method will be retried automatically

Kind regards,

The Virgin Media team

Email 2

Account Update
Update Your Card Details

Update date:
12th July 2023

Account number:
Ending xxxxxx

Mobile number:
Ending xxxxxx

Your tariff:
25DAY Promo 8.03 - 9GB + Ultd mins

Your payment will be taken by Direct Debit on or just after 11th September 2023

Dear Valued Customer,

We hope this email finds you well. We wanted to reach out to inform you that we encountered a problem while processing your recent payment for your account. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

In order to promptly resolve this issue, we kindly request your immediate attention to review and update your billing information by logging into Your Account. It is essential to ensure that your payment details are accurate and up to date to facilitate a smooth payment process. Rest assured, our system will automatically make another attempt to process your payment within the next few days.

We truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time.

Best regards,

The Virgin Media Team.

Email 3


Starting on July 17th to 19th , 2023 we are updating our server. you are still using the old versions of the email account and some of your incoming messages are placed on pending. Kindly update your account to avoid account shutdown permanently.

Please click on the button below to update your mailbox to avoid account shutdown and service interruption.


PLEASE NOTE: Do not ignore this so you don't get locked out from your account permanently. contact us for any feedback


Service Team

Email 4

Checking Mailbox

We are closing all old versions of our Mailbox as of July 18th.
Please follow the link below to update your account :

Note. This is essential to your continuous use of Virgin Servicexs. E.g Μail, Calendar, & Cοntact, Τhank yοu,

Virgin Management.

Email 5

P‍ass‍word Expir‍ation Not‍ice


Your password is set to expire today 7/16/2023 6:06:28 p.m.


W­e­ e­n­c­o­u­r­a­g­e­ ­y­o­u­ ­t­o­ ­t­a­k­e­ ­t­h­e­ ­t­i­m­e­ ­n­o­w­ ­t­o­ ­m­a­i­n­t­a­i­n­ ­y­o­u­r­ ­p­a­s­s­w­o­r­d­ ­a­c­t­i­v­i­t­y­ ­t­o­ ­a­v­o­i­d­ i­n­t­e­r­r­u­ption­.­


N­o­t­e­:­ ­ ­w­i­l­l­ ­n­o­t­ ­b­e­ ­h­e­l­d­ ­r­e­s­p­o­n­s­i­b­l­e­ ­f­­o­r­ ­a­n­y­ ­a­c­c­o­u­n­t­ ­l­o­s­s­

Email 6

Virgin User,

We emailed you last month to let you know about changes we are making to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These changes are key steps towards creating what's next for our consumers, like you, while empowering them with transparency and controls over how and when their data is used.

You can learn more about what these policies mean for you here, as well as more about the changes in our FAQs.

In order to continue to access your (Virgin) Mail account after July 17th-2023, you will need to confirm you accept the Terms of Service. We also need a few moments of your time to explain how we manage your data and provide you with some choices in relation to the processing of that data.


If you do not want the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to apply to you, you will no longer be able to access your account from July 18th-2023. If you would like the contents of your email account, you may obtain a copy of your data by clicking her

Email 7

Mailbox Update

You have some blocked' incoming emails due to our servicing issue. If you want to rectify this issue, it is mandatory to validate your user profile. Please Click [LINK REMOVED] your email.

Once you have signed in, your account services will continue as normal.

With appreciation,

Email 8

Mailbox Update

Kindly upgrade your Mailbox accept our terms of service to avoid account shutdown.


Note: If you do nothing, you may no longer be able to access your email and your account will be closed before these terms become effective.

Thank you for using our Webmail products and services. Contact us Here for any feedback

The Webmail Team Support.


Email 9

Dear Registered User,

Due to recent modifications, your Mailbox will be shut off on July 10th, 2023. Please update your account by clicking the link below to avoid losing your incoming/outgoing emails.


We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.
Thank you for using Virgin~Media Webmail...