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Latest Phishing News 14/09/2022


Latest Phishing News 14/09/2022

We have been informed about phishing emails that contains the content copied below. They were NOT sent by Virgin Media and should not be responded to. Do NOT visit the link included in the mails or response

Email 1.

Virgin media

Virgin Media Security Update!!

Hello there,

Starting from September 15, 2022. Virgin Members that are yet to update their respective mailbox will no longer be able to gain access to their email accounts due to the recent security upgrade.

Please use the link below to secure your mailbox and avoid Deactivation

Upgrade here

Kind regards,

The Virgin Media team.
Replies sent to this email cannot be answered.


Email 2.

Virgin media
Virgin media...

We are updating our service to keep your data with us secured against online theft and hackers.

You are mandated to update now to avoid Deactivation.

Click to Update

Kind regards

The Virgin Media team.
Please do not reply to this email


Email 3.

Dear User,

We advise you to switch your mailbox to the latest version of your E-mail to avoid automatic disconnection from our smtp server.

Kindly, update to the latest version.

Go to Continue

Virgin Media will occasionally send you service-related emails to inform you of service
upgrades or new benefits.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Email 4.

Virgin Media ACCOUNT-lNFO

Dear E-MAlL User,
You have requested to Deactivate your Email Account on September 5, 2022. If you believe this is a Mistake or an Error from your Server smtp,

Kindly Click Here to Cancel Termination to keep your email active otherwise your email will be Deactivated.

Service Mail Support
Ntworld Team.


Email 5.

Payment Failed
Your latest Virgin Media bill has failed.

You could potentially incur a late payment charge of £186.75 for your package.

We were unable to validate the details we have for you on file, but it is not too late to avoid this charge.

To prevent this charge, please use the 'Update your details' button below and sign in to My Virgin Media and simply, update your details.

Failure to do so immediately, will mean you will incur this charge and potentially loss or disruption of services on yuor package.

Update your details

Kind regards,

The Virgin Media tea


Email 6.


Starting from September 10th, 2022, customers that are yet to update their account will no longer be able to access their email addresses due to recent updates.Please follow the port below to secure your account:

Click here to start

Thank You.
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