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Latest Phishing News 11/08/2020

Latest Phishing News 11/08/2020

We have been informed about phishing emails that contains the content copied below. They were NOT sent by Virgin Media and should not be responded to. Do NOT visit the link included in the mails or response.

Email 1

Subject An update from Virgin Media
From Virgin Media
To [Email Removed]
Date 2020-08-XX XX:XX

We're having difficulty processing your payment. We suggest double-checking your account details,
Please kindly check your details by clicking on the link below:

My Account Details.

Your payment method will be retried automatically over the next few days.
Until you click on the link, we can't update your account and you'll need to continue using your old username to sign in.
Kind regards,
The Virgin Media team.


My Virgin Media
Contact us


Email 2

Subject Billing error
From Virgin Media
To [Email Removed]
Date Mon XX:XX

Dear Customer,

We were unable to process the payment for your latest Virgin Media bill at this time. The billing information associated with your account may have expired recently. Your service is scheduled for disconnection on: XX August 2020. We have been trying to contact you. However, we are unable to reach you.

To ensure that your service has not been interrupt, we require you to confirm and verify your account billing information with us immediately in-order to avoid any interruption on your services.

[Link Removed]

Kind regards,
The Virgin Media Team

P.S. We don't pick up emails from this mailbox, so please don't reply to this email address. If you'd like to get in touch, you'll find all the details at [Link Removed] instead.

Virgin Media Limited is an appointed representative of Virgin Media Mobile Finance Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register number: XXXXXX). Registered in England No. XXXXXXXX. Registered office: 500 Brook Drive, Reading, RG2 6UU.

Email 3

From: [Link Removed]
Subject: How to complete your new agreement with Virgin Media
Date: XXAugust 2020 at XX:XX:XX BST
To: [Link Removed]

First, sign your credit agreement - here's how.


Thanks for agreeing to sign your device/s credit agreement securely online. We need you to complete this step before we can send your shiny new device/s and set up your contract.

Before you do anything else, read the legal stuff about your contract.

Legal Stuff

Your total amount of credit and monthly payments.

The total amount of credit is £XXX.XX and you must make 35 equal instalments of £XX.XX at monthly intervals and a final instalment of £XX.XX. The first instalment will be payable on a date set by us. Going forward, the instalment date may be changed as agreed between you and us.

This credit agreement is X% APR, so it doesn't cost you any extra to spread your payments in this way.
If you're happy here's how you sign your credit agreement

You can sign your agreement in 2 easy steps. Don't forget, you need to do this within 4 days, otherwise it'll be cancelled. And the sooner you sort it, the sooner your shiny new device/s arrives – yippee!

Step 1:

Visit [Link Removed]

Make sure to have the last 4 digits of your bank account number handy – we'll be asking for them.

Step 2:

Once you've logged in, you'll see 2 Pre-Contract Credit Information documents that give you all the details about your credit agreement.

Please take some time to read these documents carefully. When you are happy to proceed, tick the box next to "I have read the Terms and Conditions and accept them" then press [Link Removed]. If you have any questions or need any further information, please call us on XXX from your Virgin Mobile phone or XXXX XXXX XXX from any other phone.

Once done, you'll see a confirmation page which completes your order so we can send your new device/s out to you (you'll get another email from us to confirm it's been dispatched).

Get the good stuff

After you've signed your agreement, we'll finish setting up your contract and send your shiny new device/s. You'll be talking, texting and tapping your way around the internet in no time!

Kind regards,

The Virgin Media team

*Please note standard charges apply. Please check with your network operator for rates.

Legal Stuff

Is this credit agreement right for you?

The credit agreement allows you to make fixed repayments over a set period rather than paying for your device/s upfront. It's flexible too, as you can always make extra payments and repay the loan earlier without being charged extra. However, it's still important to be realistic about whether you can afford to make these monthly repayments.

What happens if you don't make the repayments?

If you don't make the repayments under the terms of the credit agreement, you could face serious consequences like potentially costly legal action and a negative impact on your credit score. If that happened, you'd probably find it harder to get accepted for credit in future.

Your right to withdraw from the credit agreement

You've got a right to withdraw from the credit agreement up to 14 days after you e-sign it.If you e-sign on a non-working day like a weekend or bank holiday, your 14-days will start from the next working day. If you withdraw, you will have to repay the full amount you've borrowed (unless you also return the device/s). Please refer to the Pre-Contract Credit Information documents for more about how this works.

Virgin Media Limited is an appointed representative of Virgin Media Mobile Finance Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register number: XXXXXX).Registered in England No. XXXXXXXX. Registered office: 500 Brook Drive, Reading, RG2 6UU


Your Account

Contact us
Please do not reply to this email.

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