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Latest Phishing News 08/02/2023

Latest Phishing News 08/02/2023

We have been informed about phishing emails that contains the content copied below. They were NOT sent by Virgin Media and should not be responded to. Do NOT visit the link included in the mails or response


Email 1

Hi [NAME],

First of all, thank you for being a Virgin Media customer.

At Virgin Media, we want to make sure we give you the best products and services we can. We've put together a few questions and would really appreciate your feedback so we can make improvements wherever we can.

Click here to give us your feedback. It should take no more than 3 minutes to complete.

Virgin Media looks after the data collected and may use it together with information already held about you (e.g. the products you have) to make sure you're getting the products and services you want. This will be shared with the customer service team; however we will never share this information with anyone outside of Virgin Media without your consent. All the information collected is treated in accordance with the Virgin Media and Medallia privacy policies.

Can we help you with anything else? If you need any help or support with your products or services simply visit XXXX. Or to get in touch, visit XXXX

Thanks very much in advance for your help.

Yours sincerely,

The whole team at Virgin Media 


Email 2

Virgin Media


Your Virgin Media Mail account will be shut down on the  9th of february, due to a new year upgrade

Your Virgin Media Mail is outdated and has expired. You're advised to switch to the new version

Recover your account here:

New Version

Thanks for taking additional steps to keep your Virgin Media Mail safe

Privacy Policy | Terms of Use| Customer Service| Unsubscribe

©2023 Virgin Media. All rights reserved.

161 Hammersmith Rd , Hammersmith , London W6 8BS

Email 3

Dear User,

The Classic version of your Mail will be replaced by our new version on the 8th of February 2023. So it's time to upgrade, before you lose your email access.

Log-in Restore

Note:  Please do not ignore this email to avoid your account being closed.

Thank You. Please do not reply to this message. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered.

© 2023 All rights reserved.


Email 4


Dear user,

Your lncøming messages was returned, you're require to upgrade your address to the Latest S!k/y !


Customer Service Email ID # 1009.

® 2023!, Inc. All rights reserved...

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