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Latest Phishing News 06/02/2019

Latest Phishing News 06/02/2019

We have been informed about phishing emails that contains the content copied below. They were NOT sent by Virgin Media and should not be responded to. Do NOT visit the link included in the mails or respond.

Email 1


We want to inform you that we are unable to process your latest bill. It appears that some of the billing details associated with your account have expired.

End date of your service:

7 February 2019

To avoid interruption of service we strongly recommend that you update your billing details now.

Click here to update your billing details

Thank you for being a Virgin Media customer!

The Virgin Media Team

Copyright© 2019 Virgin Media


Email 2

Thank you for being a Virgin Mail user. We look forward to bringing you an even faster, safer, easier-to-use  Virgin Mail very soon.Your Mail has exceeded its limit of 11 Gigabytes and needs to be verified, if not verified within 48hours suspension may occur.


We hope you enjoy the newest version of  Virgin Mail.

 Virgin Team  

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