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Latest Fraudulent SMS News 31/05/2022

Below is the latest list of SMS messages that we have confirmed as fraudulent. Remember if you receive any of these messages, never click on the link within the SMS.

If you receive any SMS that you believe to be fraudulent then please forward the message to 7726.
SMS below are presented below complete with spelling and grammatical errors.

The Top 10 Fraudulent SMS for May are:

SMS 1:

PO: Jamie tried to deliver your parceI today, but nobody was in. Please scheduIe a new date via: [LINK REMOVED]

SMS 2:

NHS: Test&Trace has recievded reports that you were in contact with somebody who has COVID-19. Please get yourself a test kit: [LINK REMOVED]

SMS 3:

NHS UK HeaIth Department: You have been in cIose contact with a confirmed Omicron case. PIease book a rapid Iateral fIow test kit: [LINK REMOVED]

SMS 4:

Simon attempted to deliver today your parcel but no one answered. Reschedule & track parcel at: [LINK REMOVED]

SMS 5:

Apple: Your Apple Pay has been suspended due to unusual activity. Please visit: [LINK REMOVED] to re-activate your wallet.

SMS 6:

You  h ave  1 new Vo icemail(  s). Go  to  [LINK REMOVED]

SMS 7:

Evri: Our driver attempted to deliver your package earlier on today, but was unsuccessful. To arrange a redelivery, visit: [LINK REMOVED]

SMS 8:

A n ew voice message for you - don't miss it!  [LINK REMOVED]

SMS 9:

You've got  a  new vo ice  m essag e  fro m your  doctor  [LINK REMOVED]

SMS 10:

SANTANDER - A new device has been registered to your mobile banking. If this was NOT you please visit: [LINK REMOVED]

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