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Is this email a scam?

Joining in

I've ordered my broadband for tomarrow the 1st of September and I've just seen an email from virgin media Web team

Asking for me to send proof of address and ID to an email -

Is this email legit ?


Fibre optic

If you think it is a scam, then treat it as such.

I always do.

Better safe than ....sorry.

If so I'm still waiting on a confirmation email I cannot get in contact with vigin as I don't have an account number yet

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Conorod123,

Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear you haven't heard back from us apart form the email above

This email address is one of ours. We just need to make sure the details you gave are correct for the installation.

Have you heard back since your last post?



Hi Gareth, no word back yet I've sent the details, how long generally does this process take? We are moved in as of yesterday and I'm just trying to get the Internet on asap 

Hi @Conorod123 thanks for your reply here.

It can take up to 3-5 working days but we always do our best to get this sorted sooner for you and all other customers affected.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Many thanks