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Is it possible to lock my childs wifi after a certain time

Joining in

I want to turn only one of my cbildrens wifi's off after 11pm,is there any way to do this


Alessandro Volta

Methods using the VM hub and app don't always work reliably and sometimes particular devices end up being hard to reconnect when required. Other methods would involve using software on each individual device to restrict access which can raise other conflicts with teenagers about privacy on their devices.

Just my opinion but ... no matter what measures parents put in place, kids will usually find a workaround to bypass them eventually. Often parents are lulled into a false sense of security that they have some electronic defensive measures in place when, in fact, those measures were defeated long ago by the kids.

A negotiated agreement of not having devices overnight in bedrooms and/or stored/charged downstairs overnight is probably easier for you to manage than exclusively a tech-only solution.