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Is it a scam or is it legit Virgin Media

I have just been called by ,,Virgin Media,, The call was professional and had a ring of truth to it because have recently had issues. Went through lots of stuff and virgin media secure website came up. Questions headed towards checking website e mail etc lots of warnings and errors came up. checked IP addresses etc. Then went to talk about banking asked me to check out my bank on W3C ???  highly suspicious at this point so went onto a bank address where I do not bank  - hundreds of warnings and errors - then terminated the call.  Virgin was this legit????

Please tell me - quickly.

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Re: Is it a scam or is it legit Virgin Media

Whilst events are still fresh in your mind make a note of what was said and actions performed in case you need to refer to them later.

Post has been flagged to the forum team as they are best placed to the authenticate the call however be aware it can take them a few hours / days to work through to your post. Until then you should proceed as if this was a scam and take appropriate action to protect any assets which may have been compromised during the call. If any of the following occurred:

  • allowed remote access to you device
  • visit websites you were unfamiliar with on their direction
  • installed any software

then assume the device is compromised and take appropriate action to restore to a known clean / secure state.

You mentioned that you saw lots of warnings, what were these and did you okay any to proceed?


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Re: Is it a scam or is it legit Virgin Media

What you have described is a common scam.

The W3C only verifies HTML.  This guarantees that errors and warnings will pop up, and they use this to scare you into believing that you are using a "compromised" computer.  "Checking" IP addresses is also part of the scam.  If there are no IP address connections the internet would not work.   If you have followed the advice above, you should be okay.

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