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Identity Fraud Virgin Mobile

Tuning in

I had my telephone number stollen via a PAC and I reported it to Virgin on Monday 30th Jan. They used my number to scam a credit card, and were actively seeking credit. Almost one week later, and despite follow-ups, Virgin have still done nothing, and the number is still active. I have the impression that Virgin don't care, and now the response from Virgin is creating more anxiety to me than the scam. What do I have to do to get Virgin to do something, anything, to stop this fraud? I reported this to Action Fraud who were worse than useless, and said it was not a reportable crime! 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi SurreyJeff,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear your number was taken Via a PAC code without your Knowledge, So I can try to help I will send you an invite into a private chat, once received please click on the purple envelope to accept.




Paul, are you there? You have disappeared. It appears asking in public may be the only way of getting attention? 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @SurreyJeff 

I'm afraid Paul_DN isn't online at present.  He works to a rota, the same as other Forum Staff.

I'm sure that he'll get back to you next time he is online.

Your thread was escalated to the forum team so you would receive a quicker response than is usually the case.

I'm afraid the forums aren't like an instant messaging service so if you want this looking at even more quickly then you would need to use the phone contact.

I would say that Paul is one of the most knowledgable, efficient and caring members of the forum team. and you are in good hands with him.

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I don't work for Virgin Media.
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Thanks Dave, and your response is part of the issue I am finding with Virgin. You say "if you want this looking at even more quickly then you would need to use the phone contact". Well, I would really love that, but I have found Virgin to be hiding away as deep as possible. I have yet to have a conversation with anyone. No one appears to be taking this seriously from Virgin. If I had a phone contact, I would celebrate. How can I find someone to contact by phone? The company are hiding themselves away. The best I had when I got through on the chat to "security" was them working hard to sell me a new SIM to solve the problem. A clear case of sweeping the issue under the carpet, and ignoring the distress caused. 

Hi SurreyJeff,

Thank you for reaching back out, really sorry to hear about your experience so far, if someone has taken the number by requesting and using a PAC this would then cancel the Service and the only way for us to get the number back would be to add a new Sim/ Number as we need this to bring the number back, apologies if this wasn't explained.