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I still receive email from virginmedia for a contract with an house where i don't live

Hi, more than 3 years ago i did an contract with virgin media for a broadband in a house were i was living in that period.
My landlady told me, when i was about to leave, that she will take the contract and will menage the transfer to her name, but i just noticed that i still receive in that email account mail from virgin media with my name on it.
For sure they're using the contract in that house, because the contract have some discount and the payment are going reguarly, but i don't understand why is still in my name.
Can somebody told me what i should do in this case?
I can't contact my landlady in any way because i don't have any contact with her.

Also how is possible that they renew the contract with my name if i signed only the first document 3 years ago?


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: I still receive email from virginmedia for a contract with an house where i don't live

only you can change anything on your contract - that was true when you left the house and is true now - your landlady could not change the name on the account when you left and afaik it would be more difficult now - i think the only way to change it now would for the contract to be cancelled - which again in theory only you can do - once thats done the new person can start a new contract

i can only assume your [old] landlady hit a brick wall in trying to change things if she ever tried but did change the DD payment - afaik that can be done online

not sure about discounts  - that could just be bundle discounts would would/could just carry forward after the initial 18 month period

how VM would look at the situation i have no idea - they are getting paid so they dont have a problem there but if payments stopped then any debt and black marks on credit files would come back to you i think - certainly any bad debt

you really need to contact your old landlady and tell her you intend to give 30 days notice for things to be correct in your name - if you did that she could then join VM - the likelihood being that she would get a lower price as she would get a new user deal


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