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I need to change my password on my email as I have received an email off scammer

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

FYI: My Virgin media email has been hacked | Virgin Media Help

BTW if the miscreant's email quoted your password and it is used elsewhere then take appropriate action to secure those accounts as well.

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Hi all can anyone help 🙏 please. I have had my account hacked today. Virgin media can’t help as I haven’t had VM for about 7 years but was able to keep my email address, which Ive had for about 20 years 


Alessandro Volta

If you are not a VM broadband customer (ref your other multi-post) then VM will only offer to delete your account. This should have been done 90 days after you left but often email accounts can live on for much longer.

One of the VM forum team will reply here within a few days and should be able to get the account deleted for you.