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I have just had a call saying my ip address is compromised

I had a call from [REMOVED] saying that i was one of 5 IP address that had been compromised , i asked his name and where his virgin office was and he replied - although  i did not recored this.

He asked me to go to my home screen at which i said " do you think i am stupid listening to you trying to scam me " at which point he assured me that i had a fault

 I then said OK before i go any  further what is my email address at which point he hung up -

Problem is that when i try to report this just incase it is true , ( to be sure) i had to go through automated messages, and then it wanted to check my line and says you have detected a fault and need to reset it ?

I am now really confused and trying to speak to a human is impossible as is bot chat ?

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Re: I have just had a call from 0208 625 8094 saying my ip address is compromised

You don't need to report this. It was a scam.

You might want to remove the number you have posted though as listing it serves no useful purpose and there have been increasing mentions on here of the scammers using real phone numbers for their fake caller ID, which actually belong to people or companies that are totally unconnected with the scam.

VM will never ring you out of the blue to offer you technical support, nor will they ever require remote access to your computer, nor ask you for your bank details nor access to your online banking. If you receive any calls along these lines in the future they are also scams.

Have a look at these two links which describe a range of phone scams and how to spot them.

Metropolitan Police

Neighbourhood Watch