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Hub3 WiFi security

I have a Hub3 router and since about Nov 20 my Apple device has been warning me that WPA/WPA2 (TKIP) is not considered secure and suggests installing WPA2 (AES) or WPA3. After accessing the router’s WiFi security settings, the limited settings menu does not display either settings. After contacting customer’s services and obtaining an engineer’s visit,  it transpires that this Hub cannot be upgraded to support either the AES or WPA3 protocols. 

Seemingly, the Hub4 has the above protocols however; this is only being supplied to Gigabyte areas and I do not live in one of these areas. 

So my options are: accept a weak security service from Virgin Media, wait until my area is upgraded to accept the Gigabyte service or move to another service provider (If I can find a UK service provider whose routers incorporate these security protocols. 

I am concerned that Virgin Media procured a router which is not future-proof. Speed capacity is all very well but if there is an increasing security risk to customer’s data that should ring alarm bells. 

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Re: Hub3 WiFi security

the hub 3 works.
there is no security risk. Apple just wants to make you buy new **bleep** as always